Andersenfellowship for primary education in European context (6)




  1. Primary schools in 6 or more member countries (spring 1993); in 12 member countries (after the       initial period)
  2. Pilot schools (in the initial period all participating schools)
  3. Various supporting bodies in the member countries
  4. Andersen museum in Odense
  5. Annual Andersen congress
  6. The National European Platforms coordination and initiation
  7. An European Community authority for partial coordination and finance


The initial year will run from now until halfway through the next academic year, i.e. January 1994, or until the end of that academic year, July 1994, depending on the progress on various activities which must result in the founding of the Andersen Fellowship.

During the initial year only the Dutch Ministry of Science and Education lends a grant. The outgoings this year are expected to amount to f 20,000 in respect of a first newsletter, an international convention for member schools, and for organization expenses.

Annual finance (global) for the following year:

  1. Outgoings
  1. Organization costs                                  5,000
  2. Congress                                                 10,000
  3. Newsletter bulletin                              15,000
  4. Contingency                                            5,000

Total                                                     f 35,000

  1. Income
  2. Fees for member schools                                            2,500

2.Grant from European Community countries    20,000

  1. Grant from European Commission                       12,500

 Total                                                                         f 35,000



Our strive is for a good start on a small scale. This may be the beginning of a series of international activities that could lead to an enriching of the quality of education in an European dimension.

  1. Flemming Andersen , Odense, Denmark
  2. Lars Bjørnsten (Bjoernsten, Bjornsten),  Odense, Denmark
  3. Keld Hansen, Odense, Denmark
  4. Jan Willem Hollanders, Woerden, Holland
  5. Ton Kwakkernaat , Woerden, Holland
  6. Gerrit Luidinga , Woerden, Holland (president of the committee)
  7. Martien Sikking , Woerden, Holland
  8. Jørgen Toft Jespersen, Odense, Denmark

Kilde. Lars Bjørnsten

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