The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen – Den lille Havfrue

Den lille Havfrue - The little Mermaid - Copenhagen. Foto Lars Bjørnsten Odense

The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen – Den lille Havfrue

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen. The statue of the Little Mermaid sitting on a granite stone at Langelinie Pier in Copenhagen. The statue was made by sculptor Edvard Eriksen 1876-1959 and his wife Eline 1881 -1963 was model. The Little Mermaid (Den lille Havfrue) is a fairytale written in 1836 and first published in 1837 by the danish author Hans Christian Andersen (H.C.Andersen). The story is about a young mermaid who is willing to give up everything to gain an immortal soul and the love of a prince.

The story of “The Little Mermaid” at Langelinie in Copenhagen

Foto: Lars Bjørnsten Odense