Post Denmark: Centenary of the little Mermaid 2013


 Den lille Havfrue 100 år        Frimærke 14,50 kr       Udgivelsesdag 27. maj 2013

Centenary of the little Mermaid

Date of issue: 27 May 2013

Since 1913, the Little Mermaid has sat by the Langelinie promenade welcoming travellers to Copenhagen’s harbour. Not only has Edvard Eriksen’s bronze statue become a national landmark, it is also internationally famous and is visited by thousands of tourists every year. To mark the Little Mermaid’s centtenary, Post Denmark has issued a stamp depicting the famous sculpture. Tine Harden photographed the mermaid for the stamp and souvenir sheet, which was designed by Post Denmark Stamps and engraved by Martin Mörck. The minisheet is printed in a combination og intaglio and offset.

Kilde: Post Denmark may 2013

Den lille Havfrue 100 år

 Oversigt: Den lille Havfrue – The little Mermaid